Food industry

As the world population increases, food producers worldwide face increased pressure to deliver safe, inexpensive nutritious products.

The food industry faces various challenges: consumers are expressing increasing concern about food safety and health, government regulations restrict the usage of practices that could harm the environment and in addition the cost of energy is rising.

Scanenergi Solutions can help you address the challenges you face to reduce both CO2 emissions, and reduce costs, by the implementation of products such as Ensave® and Ensolve™ programs, which will guarantee savings on a contractual basis. Both these products are fully aligned with new legislation such as Article 8 of the European Union Energy Directive. 

Scanenergi Solutions have successfully been serving the food industry for the past 13 years with energy saving programs and initiatives. These initiatives have resulted in customers having reduced not only cost but having significantly reduced the level of CO2 emissions as well.

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"Supply systems, production lines and processes have been trimmed and optimised, and the savings potential of ~2 million DKK annually has been reached. At the same time CO2 emissions have been reduced by 1,300 tonnes annually."

"The largest impact derives from optimising the cooling plant, technical and operational resources, and from changing procedures and planning in production without influencing delivery performance.” 

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